LiquidWave — guaranteed liquidity for your cryptotokens
Liquidwave solves a problem of market making and liquidity provision for cryptocurrency tokens, especially harmful for new token issues. Lack of liquidity and excessive volatility endanger even good projects, creating tension in the token’s holders community.

All issuers whose tokens are compliant with current regulations should be able to have an opportunity to enjoy guaranteed liquidity and automated market making from liquidity providers.


Please transfer 5k Liquid token from the issuer account of your token along with one (1) token for which you need market making services 3PBdvA7aUW7m4fpd8TM38CeSM45xUQSeF8x. If your token passes KYC requirements the market making for it will be activated for it within 48 hours and will be active for 1 month. After that the remaining amount of Liquid token will be returned to your account.

LiquidWave service provides guaranteed market making for Waves and ETH tokens at the following exchanges.
Token issuers can apply for market making services through participation in initial token sale or buying the Liquid token at open market.
KYC/AML procedures have to be completed prior to actual market making activities.
LIQUID Token should be held at the account for the whole period of market making services provision.
Liquidity token

Liquidity token (Liquid) launched on Waves is meant to provide a mechanism for market making on Waves decentralized exchange and beyond. It is a utility token airdropped to Waves community, and used for compensation of market maker efforts and liquidity provision for Token/BTC Token/ETH Token/FIAT Token/Waves Token/Liquid markets.

The mechanics of market making services based on Liquid token is based on buying the Liquid token from the open market and depositing it with the market maker for the whole period of the services provision.

Liquid token ID

Market maker starts providing Token/Liquid market immediately
Part of the token deposit is converted into BTC, ETH, Waves
10% of the token is retained as a service fee
10% of the token is burned to facilitate the reduction of the token supply, providing scarcity